RIHANNA Rihanna Fenty is an American Pop goddess who is also an immigrant from Barbados. The 39 year old Entertainer is our fashion icon of the week. We all know queen RiRi is alpha and all when it comes to fashion, the Barbadian beauty is someone i can boldly say has never worn a bad outfit or doesn’t own a bad clothe. we’re gonna look at the areas where the queen dorminate and what has landed her the position of our fashion icon of the day. 1) Red Carpet/Events Moments: She keeps it daring, Bold and without limitations when it … Continue reading FASHION ICON


For this list we are looking at exceptional athletes that dazzle and keep us in awe on and of the sporting arena. For this post the top six are; 1) David Beckham:- David Beckham is an English retired footballer and current president of inter Milan FC. the 43 year old and father of 4 never let it down in fashion, reasons why he’s first on our list, the hot athlete keeps it clean always, can rock any outfit and always gives us a 100 from his red-carpet stunning looks to his magazine covers, casual outfits and just taking a stroll … Continue reading TOP 10 MOST FASHIONABLE ATHLETES 2018.

Fare well Benin

The Athenian gazed steadily A keen observer of the tracts Till he beheld the boldings “Welcome to Benin” Then he breathe in the air That smelt just like home And looked up the skies For a gracious sign That he be not lost. The welcoming wasn’t as expected The sands met his feet Too multiple a time Regardless of the weights Of gold coins gladly resting In his brown leathery purse Nor the size of his carryings Yet the day ended With elevations under his feet. It was the very beginning For the curious Athenian Seeking to find knowledge and … Continue reading Fare well Benin

Just friends

“Just friends”. The start of every romantic comedy story, the bus that leads to the land of friend zone, the VIP ticket to situationship Island. David Adaga’s journal: Chapter one. Freshman year at the University of Calabar, studying his dream course Medicine and surgery, bank account way up in the Green zone, he was a happy young adult and his gait didn’t not hide that as he strotted down the fifteen minute pedestrian walk way to his lecture venue for his first lecture of the semester on a Monday morning. In the crowded lecture room bustling with excited and anxious … Continue reading Just friends


Although important to me I sometimes get angry at the difference at every point Could be seen as strict And Also seem friendly Could be seen all covered up Yet Same kind, all exposed Sometimes annoying to view Other times Beautiful Physical looks, most times Intimidating But on a second thought The abilities and functions decide The most surprising thing Is choosing whom to serve And most importantly The best of all creatures You are one And even when you don’t want to You can never stay away By: Prudence. Continue reading Within